Touch Screen Monitors

Resistive Touch Screen Monitors

Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 Pixel
Screen Size: 245 X 195 X 65 mm
Monitor Size: 7 Inch
Operating Temperature: -20 Degree to 70 Degree C (Non Condensing)
Material: Touch Screen Panel
Model Name/Number: TB-M-PJ-070-OF
Brightness: 250 nits
Frequency: 60 Hz
Storage Temperature: -20 Deg C to 80 Deg C
Resistive touchscreen technology works well with almost any styles-like object, and can also be operated with gloved fingers and bare fingers alike.
In some circumstances, this is more desirable than a capacitive touchscreen, which needs a capacitive pointer, such as a bare finger (though some capacitive sensors can detect gloves and some gloves can work with all capacitive screens).
A resistive touchscreen operated with a stylus will generally offer greater pointing precision than a capacitive touchscreen operated with a finger.
Costs are relatively low when compared with active touchscreen technologies, but are also more prone to damage.
Resistive touchscreen technology can be made to support multi-touch input.